R.T.F.L.W.E.32 – Why Trying To See Everyone In Their Light All The Time Is Actually Spiritual Bypassing

By September 27, 2017Videos

Hello there light beam!

We have all heard that to be good spiritual people, we should try to see everyone as their higher self.

That we should stop judging people based on what they are doing, being or saying in this life and start ‘looking beyond that’ into ‘who they really are.’

That to judge someone for who they are being is wrong, and that we need to transcend that by seeing everyone in their light.

This is a lovely idea.

But the problem is - you most likely REALLY struggle to do this.

(Also, note all the ‘shoulding’ going on there)

You may have periods of time when you are able to see people ‘in their light’ - and love them deeply.

But just as quickly you find yourself plummeting into judgement. You find yourself hating people for who and what they are. You find yourself wanting to run away from certain people. You feel deeply negative emotions and think really dark thoughts about others.

So you think - ‘man, I am SO not enlightened! Look how mean and judgmental I am! I should be seeing people in their light, but I can’t!’

Then, rather than questioning the system at play, you simply buckle down harder on trying to love everyone through this lens of seeing them in their light, only to fall HARDER into judgement and repulsion next time.

Over and over.

Today, let’s look at why this teaching of seeing everyone in their light is not totally false, but is not totally true either. Let’s look at the part of it that is spiritually bypassing, and why trying to do this is actually an attempt you are making to get rid of parts of YOURSELF.

Love and light is the answer, but it is our interpretation of what that is ‘supposed’ to look like that may be biting us in the butts.

Have a listen and see what you think.