R.T.F.L.W.E.33 You Attracted Your Life – It IS The Path

By October 4, 2017Videos

The Law Of Attraction.

Most likely one of the most preached about and widely misunderstood principals of our reality to date.

There are so many out there - maybe yourself included - who believe that The Law Of Attraction is all about giving you what you think about. Expanding what you focus on. Avoiding thinking or focusing on anything negative so that you will ‘attract’ only positive experiences.

Others may have taken it deeper, believing that its all about how you FEEL. That your vibration is in your feeling state, and thus doing your best to always feel upbeat and chipper will help garner those awesome, fun, loving, abundant experiences that are so desired.

That life is all about getting what you want, and that it is essentially this big game we have to play with the universe to manipulate ourselves into earning what we want.

Today, I want to call bullshit on quite a bit of it.

Not all of it - The Law Of Attraction still stands as a law - kind of. But it needs to be better understood so that we can take it out of the realm of superstition, out of the realm of using it as another reason to reject and deny aspects of ourselves and reality and into a place where it can be practically understood and therefore used to help you feel BETTER about life, not worse.

This life you are living? It’s the one you attracted. But not just because of what you thought about 10 minutes ago or what you felt in your heart a year ago. There is way more going on here.

Lean in to let go.