R.T.F.L.W.E.41: Why Walking In Your Purpose Is Walking The Knifes Edge

By November 29, 2017Videos

Hello Friends!

Have you ever heard that when you are ‘walking in alignment with yourself’ that everything will just ‘flow’ to you?

That when you are ‘living your purpose’ life will be easy and fun?

Have you been told that in order to find your purpose, all you have to do is ‘follow your bliss’ and that will carry you to the life of your dreams?

Have you been shying away from negative emotions and thoughts, things that feel hard or ‘resistant’ or circumstances that feel tough because you are afraid that if you were to go into those things, that you would be taking yourself on the wrong path?

If so, today I want to clear up some confusion for you.

Because the ultimate absolute actual truth is - following your life purpose will be equally the most blissful thing you have ever done AND the most soul crushing and crippling.

If that didn’t scare you away, great. You passed the first test.

But for real, following and finding your purpose and passion is not all sunshine and rainbows - and I wanted to share this information with you because if you think that it is SUPPOSED to be all easy and light and that you have done something WRONG if things get hard - you are going to miss it.

Today let’s explore this whole thing in a way that will hopefully encourage you to face all the REAL stuff on your path, and not shy away from any element.

You got this.



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