R.T.F.L.W.E.43 – You Can Get Your Dream Life And Still Feel Like Shit

By January 17, 2018Videos

Hi Beam!

Goals. Manifestation. Dream life. Dream career. Dream body. Dream partner. Fulfillment. Passion. Drive. Security and abundance.

We talk a LOT about these things in the spirituality/self help world.

For so many on this awakening/spiritual path, there is an idea or belief that we are now ‘outside’ of the regular values of ‘normal’ people.

We have let go of wanting/needing material things so much - we are not going for the dream mansion or the fast car or the beautifully manicured hairdo any more. We have let go of the ‘rat race’ so to speak, and are now seeking something else.

We want to experience bliss. Love. Harmony. We want alignment in our careers and relationships. We want expression. We want passion, joy and excitement.

With this, we have a whole ‘new’ set of ‘goals’ that run our lives. We do all our journalling, self awareness work, therapy, facing our shadow, rebirthing and cleansing so that we can achieve a clear idea of ‘who we are’ ‘what we want’ and ‘where we want to go’ - and then we go about making that happen.

Some struggle, and find that their dream life remains ever elusive. They are constantly on the search and quest, never quite arriving.

Others get there. They arrive. They figure it all out and reach that peak of perfection that they had in their mind (or on their vision board) - only to realize they can’t maintain it for some reason OR even if they can maintain it, they aren’t able to enjoy it.

Both types - the continual questers and the ones who get there but then lose it/can’t enjoy it - have the same root issue.

Here’s the truth - it is 100% possible to achieve what you think is your dream and not be happy when you get there. No matter how aligned you think this dream is to who you really are, you can still get it and be miserable. You can also spend your whole life working towards it and never getting there.


Let’s explore this today, so that you can get where you want to go, and actually fucking like it.