R.T.F.L.W.E.44 – Why Your Dream Life May Feel WORSE Than The Life You Were Trying To Get Away From

By January 24, 2018Videos

Hello Friend!

If you felt like I left you hangin’ in the last Real Talk For Light Workers episode - it’s because I kinda did.

I told you the story about how I got to my ‘dream’ life - but then still wasn’t happy. I had some deep pain and trauma that was ruling my experience, even though my external world was everything I had ever hoped for myself and more.

I shared with you how I realized that what was going on was that I hadn’t shifted my core values, my core understandings about what makes someone a ‘good’ person, about who and what made me worthy of happiness or about what was required for me to be happy - which meant that having all the external things that I had actually made me feel WORSE rather than better.

Today I am going to dive deeper into why you may actually feel WORSE in you dream life than you did when you were suffering/living in alignment with your value system, and how to move towards shifting those core values so that you can enjoy your new life.

It is totally possible to create your dream life without shifting your inner world to match. Heres how to make the shifts so you can enjoy the now, or how to make the shifts along the way so by the time you get to your dream life you are able to be there.



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