Real Talk For Light Workers Episode 6 – What If This Path Makes Me MORE Confused And More Lost?!

By March 15, 2017Videos

Hey There Light Worker.

Are you feeling like no matter how much work you do on yourself, no matter how many books you read, no matter how many videos you watch, no matter how many seminars you attend, no matter how many experiences you have - that you are ending up feeling more lost, more confused and more ungrounded then ever?

Are you getting frustrated that every time you hear a new teaching that resonates with you, that you think is going to be an answer that helps calm your mind and your nerves, you end up feeling just as lost and confused as always after a day or two? Like the effect always seems to 'ware off?'

Are you sick of feeling the high highs that lead to the low lows on this spiritual awakening path?

Are you scared you may be… just crazy?!

If so, let me calm your nerves. Let me share with you why you are feeling so frazzled, and what this frazzled energy is trying to teach you.

It is totally normal to feel all over the place. Let me help you centre.



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