Receptivity – Becoming A Powerful Creator Part Two

By December 15, 2017Videos

Hello Friend!

If you have not already done so, please check out Part One in this series!

Today we are going to cover the base, most important and most misunderstood aspect of living a creative life - so that YOU can get on track with becoming the most powerful co-creator of life that you can be.

You see, you are creating your life in every moment. You are creating your future with every breath. There is never a single period where you are NOT in the process of creation.

So the fundamentals of becoming a powerful creator are not centered around ‘becoming creative’ - you’re already there.

What we want to look at is HOW you are creating, WHERE you are creating, WHY you are creating and the RESULTS you are getting.

And this all comes down to your level of receptivity.

You cannot create the life you came here to live if you are closed off to learning. If you are closed off to reality. If you are not on an ‘awakening’ path - so to speak.

This idea of receptivity being missed is the main reason most never step into their potential, and why even those who DO step into their potential in some way end up taking a weird side step at some point that ends up being detrimental to them.

So let’s explore this absolutely CRUCIAL aspect of living a life of powerful creation.

With this, you will start to see just how powerful you have the potential to be.


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