Self Inquiry to FIX VS. Finding Your Path:

Hello Love!

Learning who and what you are, going into your shadow, looking for the deeper meaning behind what you're doing and why you're doing it.

Engaging in practices in order to figure yourself out, trying to understand your traumas, your past, your present.

These endeavors can be a means to an incredible life where you find more and more peace, more and more alignment, more and more EASE in your way of being - because you're deepening your awareness of yourself and the world and in so doing you're understanding more and more how to create a life that WORKS for you.


These can be tools we use to try to 'figure out what's wrong with us.' We can use these tools from a vantage point of assuming that there's something fundamentally FLAWED about our true nature, that we are somehow defective due to our traumas and shadows, and with this mindset we can then do our self inquiry with an intention to CHANGE who WE ARE, so that we will be 'better.' This path usually leads us to more and more trauma, fear, confusion, burnout and cycles of manic 'self help/nervous system stimulation 'spirituality'/white knuckled effort' followed by periods of deep hopelessness, pain, suffering and an inability to develop new ways of being that actually feel better for us long term.

These are two VERY different paths, that will give two VERY different results.

Today I want to talk about why using our self inquiry tools from that vantage point of trying to 'fix' ourselves is SO counter-productive, why it's so NATURAL to do, and how we can switch our intention, our base goal, so that we can actually find some peace in this life.
So long as you're trying to fix yourself, you're going to be in pain. No amount of self awareness from a vantage point of believing we are broken will ever lead to freedom.
Let's talk about why today.