Self Knowledge – Becoming A Powerful Creator Part Four

By December 22, 2017Videos

Hello again lovely!

Please take a moment to watch Part One, Part Two and Part Three in this series before you watch this one 🙂

Now that you are starting to become a receptive conductor, it is time to understand why knowing YOURSELF is a KEY FACTOR in becoming a powerful creator.

In this video, you are going to learn why ‘trying to get rid of/lose your Ego’ is the absolute WORST thing you can do if you are trying to become someone who is a powerful creator, and you are going to learn how the Ego plays into your Divine Expression here on the planet.

You are going to learn why you being you and you learning about you is the only way to live a creative life that feels good for you.

You are your point of creation. You are what creation and creative energy is moving through - and being changed and effected by. You are unique and are the ONLY one who can create what you came to create. Creative energy on it’s own is nothing. Without you, without the filter and unique being that you are, creative energy cannot do anything.

If you don’t know you - it really doesn’t matter how much you know about reality at large, or how much you are conducting because without you, there is no creative potential.


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