Self Love 1-0-1: What This Path Is All About

Hello Love!

Today I am going to take ALL the confusion out of the Self Love path.

I am going to walk you through the BASE FUNDAMENTALS of this way of LIFE - so that you have a solid, grounded, clear and concise place to land - every moment of every day.

Life is complex, and finding joy, peace, meaning, purpose and evolution are not ‘simple’ tasks.

There are always going to be things we are going to have to navigate in our lives that we’ve never encountered before, hurts, dramas, traumas, blocks and challenges that we encounter over and over again - and there is always something NEW to be discovered. What is right for one at one moment may not be right for another - the ‘answers’ we seek are constantly evolving with us.

With that, self love is the FOUNDATION for FINDING all these answers. For figuring out HOW to navigate the constant unknown. For discovering what is pertinent NOW for our next steps on the path.

There is a ‘one simple thing’ that is ALWAYS the answer in this life - which then LEADS TO all the other answers we need.

THAT ONE THING is the self love path.

Let’s dive into this today, so we can find clarity on HOW to walk this path, so that this path can serve you in each individual, complex moment.