Self Love The Ultimate Paradox – Where Believing You Are Perfect Leads You To Change All The Time

By June 30, 2017Videos

Hi Beaut!

Here is the truth - the more you love yourself, the more you are going to change.

The more you love yourself, the more you are going to transform.

The more you accept yourself for exactly who and what you are right here, right now, the more you are going to shift into something totally different.

Now you may be thinking - what the heck? That makes no sense!?

I hear you.

Self love can be a really tricky concept to navigate.

This is because, like all really good truths, self love involves a LOT of paradox.

You see, self love, because it is based in LOVE, is not an ‘either/or’ kind of situation - it is a ‘both/and’ expansion. It is an inclusion and integration of all aspects of reality.

Today I want to explore the idea that most people have that states - either I am messed up and wrong, and therefor I need to change OR I am loving myself and accepting myself as perfect, and therefor I should/will stay EXACTLY how I am right now forever and ever amen.

With this, when we start to face the fact that when we truly love ourselves, THIS is when change and transformation happen the MOST - we get confused.

It can be very tempting to hold onto the old idea that change = we were wrong before.

Often times, when we view self love through the dualistic lens, we find that we cannot really make sense of it. Or that we project things onto it that fit our old way of thinking and being, but are not so supportive of this new way of thinking and being.

Let’s expand into Both And thinking today. It will feel better.