Separation Consciousness And Suffering Are EXPANSIONS, Not Devolutions: Part One

Alright friend, in this blog series we are going to tackle a few big things:

  1. The point of being in separation consciousness, and how this is NOT a devolution but actually and evolution.
  2. The point of suffering and why again, to suffer is actually a hugely important part of life, not the mistake most of us perceive it to be.
  3. Why self love is the key to everything. I mean it. Everything.

These are subjects that humanity has long struggled with - and I am not here to say I have found any ultimate answers. Instead I would like to simply offer a perspective that may help make the whole journey of being  a human a little easier to swallow. To give some meaning to things that are deeply painful and that can seem so meaningless.

It is your right not to buy into any of this. All I ask is that you allow yourself to FEEL what is being shared, and see if it offers you some peace.

You are worthy of peace my friend.

Let's get to it.

We Are Both:

We are at once the Individual and the Whole.

We intelligently hide our Universal Perspective from ourselves at times, in order to provide ourselves with a context that is crucial for learning and growing.

To understand why we hide things from our conscious awareness, we have to look at how this whole human experience is playing out and how life works in general.

The first and most important rule of life, is that life requires change and growth.

We know this from the smallest single celled organisms all the way up to the eco systems that make up the unified earth we live on - everything that is going to keep living MUST be evolving.

Life requires expansion, change, growth and evolution.

With this, we know that in order for something to learn, grow or expand it requires one special ingredient:

New information.

In order for something to learn, grow, change, evolve or expand it MUST become more complex. Evolution is always going to follow the addition of new information.

This is exactly how the Universe itself - consciousness, God, spirit, all that is - whatever you want to call it - is continuing to live. The Universe itself is following the laws.

Meaning because Consciousness is living - it must be learning, growing, changing, evolving and expanding.

Being that this is the case, the Universe itself - which contains everything known - must acquire or generate new information to keep itself alive.

With this we can understand that in truth, at its roots it is information that powers life. New information is what enables growth and change. Growth and change are the keys to life. Anything that is not growing, is dying. It can be no other way. Nothing can grow without the addition of new information.

Thus, information = life force energy. That which supplies life with the fuel to keep living.

This means that anything that is providing new information for the all that is, is in and of itself GENERATING life. It is creating the ONE ENERGY that powers everything.

New information = life force energy. That which animates life.

Life = change, growth, evolution and expansion.

The Universe itself, which contains ALL life, is learning, growing, changing and evolving - because it must be in order to be a part of life.

This is the true definition of something being 'life generating' - Anything that is generating new information is generating life force energy, and thus is perpetuating life itself.

This is all consciousness expansion is. The addition of new information to the all that is.

Let's let that sink in for a moment.

The Universe itself is expanding. It is life. In order to do this, it must attain new information. Information is what generates, empowers, supplies the capacity for, life.

How It All Began:

Now, for time immemorial, there has been the 'creation' story.

First there was darkness, God was the Void, there was only one consciousness fully connected to itself.

This included all that is as well as all that isn't. Existence and non-existence. All potentiality, probability, all component parts fully connected to all other parts. Energy and negative energy. All the building blocks for life and everything that isn't life.

Then there was the word (sound), then light, then from there the rest of what we call life.

If we are to understand this, what we are really seeing is that in the moment of 'creation' what really happened was a SEPARATION.

All that is, God, Consciousness, The Universe - divided itself. Sound was a projection, a specific experience that necessitated that it was not light, color or any other kind of frequency. It was a specific experience of being something that was outside of being other things. Outside of the unified experience that was what the Universe had had up to that point.

This was the Universe having it's first experience of itself outside of being a unified whole that contained all probability and possibility.

From this we can surmise that up to that point, Consciousness was getting to know itself as a unified whole. As pure potentiality. As 100% information that had never been experienced or dissected - because in order for there to be an experience there must be separation. In order for there to be an experience, there must be an experiencer and something to experience - which is a form of separation. So you see, this separation, this first projection of sound, was the first separation experience.

This experience generated information - the Universe learned something new about itself through this projection. Through this singularity separation experience of sound being sound.

The experience of sound then gave way to the experience of light. An even more specific frequency projection. Which gave way to the experience of color, again more specific. Which gave way to the rest of creation.

Let's pause here to take in this point - in order to generate new information, which is integral for the generation of life, there must be a NEW EXPERIENCE.

It is the having of a new experience that generates the life force energy (new information) that powers life.

The Universe dividing was a new experience. This new experience generated new information, which fed back to the all that is, creating the potentiality and energy for yet another new experience, another projection - an even more specific projection.

New experience generates new information, and in so doing generates the conditions for yet ANOTHER new experience. Every new experience creates information/understanding about what is, which then GENERATES potentialities that did not exist before that experience and what was discovered within that experience. Every experience or happening in the universe gives us a new understanding about what is, and this then allows us to build on this awareness to have yet another new experience.

New experience provides the conditions for another more specific experience that is building upon what was learned in the previous experience.

So we can see that information is always building upon what came before it. Life is always building upon what came before it. Each experience builds upon the knowledge that was discovered in the last experience. Wether that experience showed us more about what IS or more about what ISN'T - in that the potentiality for ever more specific experiences is created.

This is the circle of life.

What is known projects into a specific experience - that specific experience provides new information about all that is - that new information is fed back to all that is, and in this new potentialities are created based on that new information - which then project out into a new experience. This provides new information. Round and round it goes.


Let this sink in for this week. We will see you next week for part two!


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