Still Feel Like You Need To Save The World? Watch This:

Hello Love!
If you're hanging around here, it's probably because you are an empathic being. You feel the pain of this earth, the people, plants and animals on it, and you deeply want to help alleviate that pain.
You may feel a sense of hopelessness, dread, fear or downright nihilism when you look at the conditions of the world right now.
Perhaps you feel like you've got something, something real, and if you could JUST get the people around you/the world to listen to you, you just KNOW you could make a HUGE positive impact.
You see the struggle, you see the pain, you see the exploitation and you get lost in it. Feeling like you don't deserve to be happy, like you CAN'T be happy knowing there's so much suffering and pain out there.
You feel rage, anger and deep REJECTION of the way things are, and you are constantly working to try to change the world around you to make it better. To convince people. To change minds. To get people to change their actions.
Bottom line - you see that the world is in pain, and you feel like you need to fix it. This leads you to feel like you don't have the power, it's too big and overwhelming, which then means you get stuck in loops of depression and hopelessness OR you are working tirelessly to try to change, fix, improve and change - often to your own detriment. Leading yourself to states of overwhelm, burn out, anger, isolation and fatigue that takes you out.
You may feel like you have the answers, or like you have no answers at all - but either way, you don't feel like you can be ok until the world changes.
You need to fix it, or you can't be happy.
In today's video, I'm going to attempt to bring some peace to your mind and body. I'm going to dive into this savior complex mentality, why it's harmful, why it's natural, and how we can gently move ourselves THROUGH this phase in a more pragmatic way of approaching the world's chaos. I want to explore how we can find our TRUE impact without going into self aggrandizing OR minimization, how we can do what we CAN without taking on TOO MUCH, and how we can allow ourselves to have JOY even though there's still lots of suffering in the world.

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