Still Need To Cope/Numb/Self Sabotage Even Though You’re Processing? Here’s Why:

Hello Again Love!
So you're doing all your processing work.
You're feeling your feelings. Taking time to be in your body. You're slowly getting the messages about what you REALLY want and need - and you're starting to get your needs met in newer, healthier ways.
You're finding more and more self awareness, more and more compassion for yourself.
But you 'still' numb. You still turn to your coping mechanisms. You still find that no matter how much self care you do, how much introspection, how much you even change your life - you're not able to let go of the more 'negative' behaviour patterns. You're finding yourself in loops of repetitive behaviour no matter how aware you become or how much you change your life.
This is actually totally and completely NORMAL. To be expected. What is GOING to happen.

Today I want to explain to you WHY you may be 'still' engaging in your self destructive/coping/self sabotaging/scapegoat behaviors even though you are making progress in your self awareness and self love practices. Even though you're meeting needs in new ways. Even though you feel like you 'should' be 'over it' by now.

There's nothing wrong with you. You simply have a NORMAL human nervous system that needs TIME to shift to something new.

If you're feeling frustrated that even after all the work you've done you're still not able to stop yourself from engaging in old behaviors, todays video is for you!