The Dark Night Of The Soul – Whats Going ON With ME!?

By March 10, 2017Videos

We have all heard of the proverbial dark night of the soul.

The spiritual phenomenon where you seem to fall into a pit of despair, loneliness, listlessness, depression, anxiety, confusion and all those other fun emotions.

Where you lose touch with the ‘you’ that you once where.

Where you question everything in your life, and have no answers to any of those questions.

Where you want to quit everything, but have no idea what you want to replace anything with.

Where you enter the darkness of nothing, and can’t seem to dig your way out.

Today, I want to explore what exactly is taking place within you during a dark night of the soul, why you would WANT to go through this kind of darkness, and to provide you with some tools you can use if you are experiencing a dark night of the soul to make the journey a little more bearable.

You are not along - even if it feels like you are.