The “I’m Not Worthy Trap” And How To Get Out Of It

By January 12, 2018Videos

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If you struggle with feeling like you are unworthy of love, unworthy of others time and effort, unworthy of the luxuries and blessings that show up in your life - you are not alone.

If you tend to feel guilt when someone does something for you, like you must ‘repay’ every kindness or offering that is sent your way, like you must ‘keep tabs’ on how much you are giving vs. how much you are getting - you are not alone.

If you feel that no matter what you do, no matter what you achieve, no matter what level of greatness, mastery or generosity you rise too that you are never enough - you are not alone.

If you feel any inkling at all that who and what you are - right here, right now, is not perfection - then you are falling into the worthiness trap.

This idea that there is some standard for worthiness, that there are things we must do to become worthy of love, time, attention, affection, provisions or anything else that is wanted or needed is a fully fictitious thing that humans made up that is causing us a lot of grief.

This worthiness trap no only spurs us to work way harder than we need to and to run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get things that would flow naturally to us if we just slowed down for a second, it also causes us to act in ways that are totally selfish and out of alignment with life and love without our even being aware we are doing it.

You see, when we are caught in the worthiness trap, we not only treat ourselves unfairly, we also treat everyone around us unfairly. We stop having the capacity to truly see the ’other’ and we move into a place where all we can see is how others are affecting ‘us.’

The worthiness trap keeps us from receiving real love, and at the same time it prevents us from giving real love.

Today lets explore this worthiness trap, what it is and how to move out of it.



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