The Inner Child, The Ego And The Divine Self

By October 6, 2017Videos

Today I really wanted to talk about why ‘The reality doesn’t exist” and “I don’t really exist” are not the full truth, and why us believing that these ideas represent enlightenment is actually a total spiritual bypass.

However, as I started to plan what I was going to say, I realized we needed some background information first.

In this vide, I want to give you some new definitions of ‘The Ego’ ‘The Inner Child’ and ‘The Divine Self’ so that you can better understand how your inner world works.

You will learn why getting rid of ‘The Ego’ makes no sense, and why levity, joy, expansion, creativity, freedom and fun are not characteristics of ‘The Inner Child’, but rather are characteristics of ‘The Divine Self’ that you are.

You will learn why it is ‘The Inner Child’ that we need to work with most, if we want to ‘awaken’ and we will plant seeds for what awakening may actually be - in this realm anyway.

Let’s get clear on some definitions, so we can move forward with a deeper understanding of yourself and this whole awakening path.