The Next Evolution

By March 9, 2018Videos

The Next Evolution

Anything that is truly alive must grow.

Anything that is in alignment with life generation MUST evolve. Must change. Must expand. Must transform and transmute.

The work that is being done here at Perception Trainers is living work.

So with that, it has come time to evolve it to it’s next form.

The Perception Trainers Youtube channel has laid the foundations for true self love. Pretty much every angle of how to begin this journey of self love has been covered here.

This has been a place of learning how to begin integrating the traumas of your life so you can begin to see real life.

Now, it’s time to take this information to the next level.

But this next level information is not for everyone. It’s not mandatory for everyone. It’s not of interest to everyone.

With knowledge, comes power. This power must be respected and honored.

So with that, in order to honor the information I want to share, as well as to honor the ones who need to hear it and those who don’t, I am going to be shifting the way I present the information.

Not to exclude anyone. Not to keep anyone out. Not to say that anyone is better than anyone else.

This is simply to respect the boundaries and power of choice we must exercise as we walk our deeply individual paths.

Learn more about me and why I am making this shift.



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