The Purpose Of Desire – Why ALL Desire Must Be Honored.

Hello Beauty:

What if I told you that every single desire you have is actually ‘in alignment’ with your ultimate potential - no matter how self destructive or seemingly 'secular' your desire may appear to be on the surface?

What if I told you that all desire has a purpose, a higher purpose, and that it is DESIRE that makes all of life possible?

What if I told you that in order to truly grow in this life, you first need to understand the PURPOSE of desire - and that in this you may realize that it is not desire that causes suffering at all - it is our misunderstanding of desire that causes us to suffer.

What if I told you that it is desire that makes all awakening possible. It is also desire that can be the end of us if we don’t know how to work with it to evolve, rather than to devolve.

Desire can be the biggest liberator in life, or it can be the thing that traps us in groundhog day forever.

Today, let’s explore together the TRUE purpose of desire, how to work with desire to become your highest potential, and why following your desires MINDFULLY is the KEY to all awakening.



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