The Reason We Get Stuck In Pain/Spiritual Bypassing

Hello Beauty!

So many people who are walking a ‘healing’, ‘growth’ or ‘spiritual’ path, end up getting stuck in one of two places:

Getting trapped in the ‘forever healing’ place - where they are CONSTANTLY looking at their pain, uncovering new traumas, new shadows, new struggles - seemingly always in a place of looking for healers, guides, modalities and so on to help them get out of what appears to be a bottomless pit of anguish, pain, suffering and trauma.


They end up on the exact opposite side of the spectrum - where they ‘transcend’ to some hyper spiritual/hyper positive, only love and light, “I am fully activated and out of all my past hurts” place where they claim to be taking ‘full responsibility’ for themselves and thus claim NEVER to experience pain.

Both of these states are a cul-de-sac, and they are mirror images of the SAME ROOT cause.

Lastly, what does it REALLY MEAN that we are living in a ‘false matrix’ and what does ‘waking up’ from this actually look like, practically and in plain english?

Today let’s talk about why we get stuck in pain or convince ourselves that the only salivation is to be in a state where we NEVER FEEL PAIN AGAIN - why this is born out of the fundamental misunderstanding that pain is ‘what’s wrong’ - why shifting our relationship to pain is the key to freedom, and how we can have both pain and pleasure for the rest of live while feeling liberated and free.