The ‘Secret’ Is Wrong – R.T.F.L.W.E.34

By October 11, 2017Videos

Let’s talk about The Secret.

You know, the book that talks about how if you think positively enough, you will manifest a million dollars, your dream home, your dream career and your dream partner?

The one that tells you that the whole reason anything ‘bad’ ever happens to you, or the whole reason you ever don’t get what you want, is because you were focusing wrong?

The book that essentially tells you to deny, repress and ignore any negative thought or feeling that you may be genuinely having, in favor of ‘positive’ focus, lest you manifest something horrible for yourself?

In my last video, we touched on why the life you are living right now is the life you attracted for yourself - and why it is the PERFECT life for you to have. In this video I want to go deeper into The Secret specifically, to clear up any confusion that may be going on with regards to it’s content - and how you can better understand the Law Of Attraction to feel safer inside yourself.

It’s not all wrong, but it’s not all right either.

Let’s get clear.