The TRUE Reason Self Love Is SO Hard.

Hello Beautiful One!

In todays video, I want to share with you the exact, deep down reason, we are all addicted to hating ourselves.

Why we have to ‘work so hard’ to find self compassion.

Why we are SO susceptible to all the messages that tell us that we aren’t good enough, that we need to fix ourselves, change ourselves or improve in some way.

Why we are all horrified to ever let our guards down around ourselves - thinking if we do we will fall into all our worst behaviors and ruin our lives.

We are addicted to self hate - because it is actually meeting a need we don’t understand we have. It is filling a role for us. It is WORKING for us in ways that we don’t yet understand.

When you understand WHY you want to hate yourself, shame yourself, hold onto guilt and the idea that there’s something wrong with you - you are one step closer to being able to move forward.