The Truth About The ‘Love What Arrises’ Teaching

By September 30, 2015Videos

Hello Friends!

If you are involved in the spiritual community in any way, I am sure you are familiar with the 'love what arrises' teaching.

If you are not, it is simply the idea that one should endeavour to see the blessing in all things, to realized how everything in life is there to help you, everything is there to serve you, and that there are no 'bad' things in the universe - only blessings covert and overt.

This means that all negative emotions, all negative thought patterns, all negative behavioural patterns and all negative circumstances are to be met with love and acceptance, and embraced with open arms the same way one would embrace positive circumstances, emotions, behavioural patterns and thoughts.

To be clear, I think that this teaching is 100% beautiful. I feel that it is applicable and 'true' - however I do not think that this teaching is for everyone.

I believe that this teaching is not so much a teaching, but a commentary on a 'state' one naturally arrises at at some point on their journey though this life.

So, if you are struggling with the 'love what arrises' teaching, if you are still in a place where you resist negative emotions and thoughts, where you feel that the Universe is sometimes (or all the times) against you, then this video is for you.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!