The Ultimate Explanation For WHY Resistance STAGNATES You – And How To Stop Resisting Your Life

By June 2, 2017Videos

Hi Beauty

Most of us live in a state of constant resistance.

Constantly feeling that life is not going how it should be going.

That things are not how they should be.

We feel that WE are not how we should be. Not good enough. Not strong enough. Not rich enough. Not successful enough. Not thin enough.

All of this ‘not enough’ ness that we pour out all over ourselves, sets us up to be in a state of continual resistance.

Then, once in this state of resistance, we actually block ourselves from EVER becoming the person we know ourselves to be.

We stop ourselves from the possibility of ever realizing any of our dreams thinking we are moving forward with all our resistance to what is. With all our looking at and focusing on what we don’t like.

Today I want to explain to you what resistance ACTUALLY looks like, so you can understand why it is such a huge impediment to your happiness. I want to help you see why resisting your life, resisting what you don’t want and constantly being on some sort of rampage to change your life actually keeps you STUCK.

So you can finally free yourself to move forward.

Focusing on what you do not like in life is not going to get you anywhere. Resisting what you hate keeps you in it. There is no forward momentum from ‘This is shit and I have to get rid of it.’

Have a listen and let me know what you think.