The Ultimate Explanation For Why The Self Improvement Path Will Never Work.

By June 16, 2017Videos

Alright Friends.

You know we are all about the self love path over here.

I have made many videos about why the self love path is the ONLY path for true, lasting growth. I have talked about why self improvement is counter intuitive, and why it actually holds you back. I have basically been beating you over the head with this whole self love thing. I know.

That being said, in the world we live in today, the world that is absolutely ADDICTED to self improvement, being continually reminded of this fact - that self improvement is a sham - is necessary.

Today I hope to provide you with the most concise explanation for why self improvement is counter intuitive to you achieving your goals and becoming the person you want to be - even though it looks so shiny and sparkly and obvious.

I want to make it crystal clear to you exactly what is happening in your inner world when you go on a self improvement endeavor, in the hopes that this will help to strongly reinforce your commitment to the self love path.

The self love path is not as popular, it is not as flashy, and it is seemingly harder - but in the end, it is really the only path to where you want to go.



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