There ARE Destructive Patterns – No Shame And Guilt Is NOT Moral Relitivism

Hello Beauty!

Last week I shared a video explaining why I feel shame and guilt are always lies.

In todays video I want to dive deeper into how, when we let go of shame and guilt, we are not going to find moral relativism. We are not going to come to a place where we decide that anything and everything is ‘ok’ - leaving us to engage in the ‘worst of our nature’ free from any consequence.

This line of thinking demonstrates how far we as a humanity have strayed from REALITY and from our connection to ourselves.

When we believe that the ONLY thing that is stopping us from causing chaos in this world are the stories of our fundamentally flawed nature, we are only perpetuating this world of chaos we wish to change.

This is a big and complex idea, so take the time to listen and really think about what is being communicated.

No shame and no guilt doesn’t mean that everything is fine. It doesn’t mean we don’t need to grow. it doesn’t mean there aren’t fundamentally destructive ways of being that need to be evolved if we want to be happy. It means embracing the nervous systems that we have, and working with them so that we are CAPABLE of true change - rather than just being trapped in a cycle of perpetual trauma and abuse.


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