This Is Why You Hate Yourself (And Why It Is Not Special) Part One

Hello Beauty!

If you caught last weeks post, you now understand why there is no 'quick fix' on this life path of awakening/healing/growing.

This week, we are going to be building upon what we learned last week to really zero in on WHY you are so scared to love yourself, why you have self sabotaging behaviors, why you are scared that you may be the ONE BAD person that exists, and why loving yourself is the SCARIEST thing you will ever do.

We are going to take a really deep dive into:

  • How reality works
  • How universal truth works.
  • How relative truth works.
  • How the universe is being expanded through the individual.
  • How your conditioning set you up to fear yourself.
  • How your conditioning is making you self sabotage
  • Why you think you are evil.
  • Why loving yourself is the scariest thing you will ever do.

Next week, we are going to come back to this. I am going to re-iterate many of the concepts presented and make it even more crystal clear why you need to love the aspects of yourself you fear and hate the most.

For now, let this sink in.



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