Transcending Morality and Enlightenment – On Becoming Your Higher Self:

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Today we are going to look at why morality is not the key to becoming a ‘good person’, why it’s in fact, a total distraction on the path to aligning with reality.

Why we MUST make ourselves safe to be who and what we are RIGHT NOW - and this is the ONLY way that CHANGING to something more evolved will EVER be possible or safe.

Why humanity doesn’t know what’s right or wrong, what’s good or bad - because we are all so disconnected from our humanity and trapped in stories - and how we can start to deprogram ourselves anyway.

Why letting go of the systems that tell us what is ‘right and wrong’ and learning to trust our own guidance won’t lead us into a life of chaotic harm.

Why enlightenment is a totally different experience than most people think it is. It’s not a transcendence of life and pain, but rather a fully new vantage point on what these things are and mean.

Why letting go of ‘trying to be your higher self’ and rather focusing on how you FEEL and letting that guide you IS the path to becoming that person.

Why focusing on rules, dogmas and strict disciplines are a distraction from the path and why letting go of the path we think we need to be on in order to connect with reality is so important.

Why that need and desire to ‘check out’ is actually holy and a very powerful act of creation.

This is a deep dive, and it’s going to be unsettling. But that’s ok. Take a breath. You got this.




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