Trapped In Fear? Panic? Overwhelm? Try These Four Steps

Hello Beauty!

Getting trapped in nervous system overdrive is totally normal. It's no fun, but it's totally normal.
Getting stuck in a place where your nervous system is on hyper alert. Where you feel like your world is constantly crashing down around you and nowhere is safe. Where all your traumas from the past are coming up AND you feel like things in the present are super scary too.

Whether you have gotten into 'awareness' practices and found that you have a LOT of pain/anxiety/trauma to look at and work through,  if you have been trying to follow your true path AGAINST your conditioning and finding that THIS is really freaking scary, or if you just feel like life is totally overwhelming and you don't know what to do to calm yourself - this video should help.

This video will guide you through the four things to centre your day around so that you can be adequate working through what you need to work through AND so that you can have moments of calm - and even coping and numbing - because the BALANCE of these things is required for TRUE integration and momentum.

We can't be coping OR processing all the time. Here is your guide for how to balance BOTH so that you can actually move forward.

Hyper-vigilance s normal on this path. Feeling like you can't take a break or have to be feeling and processing ALL THE TIME otherwise you might miss something is also normal. Feeling totally overwhelmed by the circumstances of your life with no real sense f where to go or what to do is normal. There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with you if you are experiencing any of the above.
I hope the tools in today's video help you to ground, centre and find your footing. One moment of showing up for yourself at a time.

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