Upgraded Empathy – The Truth About Learning Unconditional Love

Hello Beauty!

Unconditional love has been a deeply confusing subject for humanity - especially for those who consider themselves ‘empaths.’

Right now, our definition of unconditional love is really more like deep codependency.

It is taught that to be a ‘good spiritual person’ is to be ever loving, present, self sacrificing and willing to give.

This isn’t working for us, and it’s time to upgrade our definitions of what it means to be an empath, how empaths move through the world and what we believe unconditional love to be.

In this new paradigm, we are going to come to realize that unconditional love is something we learn from the inside out.

It’s not about self sacrifice. Not about self abuse and abandonment. Not about doing for others everything possible and then some.

Let’s evolve this paradigm together so we can grow rather than destroying ourselves.