Using Awareness As  A Tool For More Shame: How This Blocks Our Growth:

Hello Beautiful!

Has this ever happened to you?

You are walking your awakening/spiritual/self improvement path, looking to find solutions to the pain in your body, relationships, work, financial situation - essentially working to move from pain to pleasure - and as you do, you discover things about yourself, your behavior, your patterns and your way of being that need to change.

In other words, you discover along your path that the way you were doing things, seeing things, interpreting things and being in this world were part of what was causing you pain and were causing you to harm others.

And in this revelation - seeing where you have POWER to shift the pain in your life through changing your way of being - instead of feeling liberated, you feel GUILT. SHAME.

You take your awareness and it becomes a new tool by which you judge yourself, berate yourself for not doing or knowing better, a reason to feel that you are deeply flawed - feeling that ANY amount of power you have to shift pain in your life MEANS you were the CAUSE and that is BAD.

If so, today’s video is for you.

We are going to explore WHY we turn to self shame instead of empowerment when we figure out how we can shift our lives for the better, how to get out of the shame spiral and why we learn SO MUCH BETTER from being CELEBRATED than through being shamed.

We all think if we don’t shame ourselves enough for the things we were doing ‘wrong’ we won’t change. In fact the opposite is true. We will never change until we feel loved. Shame is a misused tool and we need to evolve beyond it.