Vibration Is Everything – Where Are You At?

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Hello 🙂 Today I want to talk to you about vibration. First things first - I totally understand if this sounds like a hippy dippy, airy fairy, non sensical, non factual thing that people who are superstitious say. Science has now caught up to what the ancient masters of our planet have known forever - that it is our vibrational state that communicates with out universe. It is our energy field - our protons to be exact - that are interacting with our world, sending out messages that the universe is then responding too with like messages. But lets back up for just a moment, and look at this from a purely scientific perspective.

First, lets look at the 7 laws of the universe, or the 7 Subsidiary Universal Laws:

1. The Law Of Perpetual Transmutation: Energy is always shifting, moving and changing state and form and then flowing back again. No energy is ever stagnant - it is always moving. 2. The Law Of Relativity: Nothing has any quality - such as being 'good' or 'bad' until you relate it to something else. Generally speaking, everything 'is' until we put it into context. law-of-relativity 3. The Law Of Vibration: This law states that all things are vibrating, all the time. Those items with higher and higher densities will have higher and higher vibrational frequencies, those with lower densities will have lower vibrational frequencies. Different emotional states have measurable vibrations. You can read more about it in the book titled "Power Vs. Force" by David Hawkins. You can see the results of his experiments in measuring emotions and their vibrational states here:

It's Science. We didn't just make this up!

It's Science. We didn't just make this up!

4. Law of Polarity: Everything has an opposite - hot vs. cold. Opposites are always equal in their opposition. 5. The Law Of Rhythm: Everything has a pattern. 6. The Law Of Cause And Effect: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is how we learn in life 🙂 Everything we do creates an effect - and it is up to us to determine if the effect was desirable or not, thus helping us to determine if we would like to repeat the action. cause and effect 7. Law Of Gender: Our planet generally operates in the male/female dichotomy. The more we can learn to balance these two energies - to unite them as one the better we feel.

So, what do we take from all that?

  • You are a thing - meaning that you are energy.
  • The energy that is 'you' is constantly shifting, moving, changing state - meaning that energy is in a pure energetic state, becomes physically 'you' for a while, then passes on through back into pure energy again.
  • You - your cells, your thoughts, your heart beat - all have a vibration. This vibration is also variable and changes based on your density. Low density thoughts and emotions have a low vibration. High density thoughts have a high vibration.
  • Your energy, your vibration is moving through you then out back into the universe constantly.
  • The action of your energy and vibration conversing with the energy and vibration around you has an effect - every action has a reaction. Your vibration is changing your environment, causing it to respond directly to you.

Thus, your vibration is the main determining factor in the reality that you are going to experience.

If you are still not satisfied, or able to take this information as fact, thats ok 🙂 Have a listen to this amazing lecture by Nassim Haramein, an award winning physicist who explains how he discovered how our vibration affects our reality here: Ok. That was a lot of science. If that was of no interest to you, thank you for baring with me 🙂 The reason I wanted to start with all of that was so you would fully understand that this idea that your vibration creates your reality is not a theory that has no merit - just something that some people like to believe. I wanted you to see that vibration is a real, scientifically proven factor in your every day experiences. It literally shapes and moulds the life you are creating for yourself. download Why do I say "the life you are creating for yourself?" I say this because you are energy in constant motion (law number 1), and because you are constantly emitting a vibration (Law number 3) that is igniting a cause and effect reaction in your reality (Law number 6). This means that you are in effect creating your reality. If you were not sending vibration and energy out into the universe, there would be nothing to come back to you - there would be no opposite pull of that energy being re-absorbed by your being (Law number 4). The only reason you are having a sensory experience at all, is because you are constantly shifting energy - sending it out and absorbing it back in. This energy is what is underlying all that is. All movement, thought, words, feelings, have an energy and have a vibration. All of these vibrations have an effect. meditation-books This effect you are having on the universe is not in a vacuum. You are responding to the vibrational outputs of everyone and everything else around you, and the world around you is responding to your vibration (Law number 2.) If you had no vibration or energy to measure your vibration and energy against, there again would be no experience because you need something to make you experience relative too, in order to understand it as anything at all. Without this context everything would just 'be' and life would be very, very different.

All of this is simply demonstrating the fact that you are creating your reality through your vibrational state.

So, How Do You Know What Your Vibration Is?

The easiest way to describe vibration, to gage what your current vibrational state is, is to check in with your feelings.

How is your body feeling right now?

What is your current emotional state?

What kind of thoughts are you thinking on a regular basis?

Another big clue - what are your experiences like?

When you are first tuning into this idea that you are creating your reality based on your vibrational state the easiest way to get a sense for where you vibration is generally at is to look at your current life experiences.

  • Are you experiencing lots of conflict in your relationships or do you feel loved and supported in general?
  • Are you constantly having trouble with money, or do you find that money is something that comes easily to you?
  • Do you have continual health problems or are you in a general state of good health?
  • Does life seem more like a struggle, or more like something you can ease your way through?

As hard as it may be to come to terms with this idea - you are attracting all of your experiences into your life. download (1) Now, I understand if that feels like a giant sweeping statement. It may even sound like I am blaming you for the 'bad' things that are happening in your life.

This is not the case, I promise. Instead of perceiving this as me telling you that you are making your own life hard, see if you can re-frame it to the understanding that you are not a victim to life! You can learn to understand your own vibration, you can learn how to create a new vibration and thus create a new culmination of life experiences for yourself. With this knowledge you are no longer a slave to any 'default' vibrations you may have been operating under up until now. Now you can CHOOSE to make your life different from where it really counts - your vibration.

The truth is, the universe is simply responding to your vibrational requests, as well as to the vibrational requests of everyone that is in your reality. So you are collectively creating your experience. I don't want you to take this to mean that you are a victim to the vibrations of those around you - this is not true either. You can be unknowingly agreeing to take part in the vibration of those around you, and thus in their chosen experience without necessarily creating that exact vibration yourself, but on some level you are still agreeing.

Which again, means that you can take your power back and choose to opt out of the vibration of those around you and choose your own.

I want you to take a few days to sit with all of this and digest it. I invite you to tune into your body, into your thoughts, into your feelings at several different intervals throughout your day and notice where they are at. Then I want you to look at your current life experiences. Really take a good honest look. See if how you are thinking and feeling on a regular basis is being reflected back to you in your physical reality. as above so below Again, this is NOT so you can place blame on yourself or anyone else. This is simply a practice in awareness. In my next post, I am going to go into how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. How you can shift your own vibration consciously, to help you create more desirable life experiences. I will show you that bringing yourself into vibrational alignment with your true, core self is really easy, can be very fun, and will make you feel so much better on a regular basis. For now, just notice. If you have any thoughts, comments, questions, concerns about this post I would LOVE to hear from you below! <3


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  • Reid Barton says:

    Great Post. Thanks. Was very happy to see you recommended Harramein. I have a question I’d love to ask if that’s ok. While I understand and accept all of your premises, what do you know about so-called inanimate objects and their vibrations? To be more specific, I know all physical matter is vibrational – my question is more perhaps philosophical. People often talk about how things (other than humans or beasts) not only have consciousness but in fact, think. Even though I am learning to approach the world from let’s say a more ethereal perspective, I do tend to lean on empirical data as well. Is there any data outside of the, we’ll call it spiritual community, that can back up the notion that things can “think?” Of course, if they can, obviously they do so in a much different way than humans – as do say whales or birds. Here’s the crux of my query. Can say, rocks, “think” and do they have a consciousness? thx for your time. I appreciate it.

  • perceptiontrainers says:

    I think (ha!) that the main thing here is – what is our definition of ‘think’ exactly?

  • interesting story I’m going to take a look at the way I use my energy.

  • perceptiontrainers says:

    <3 <3 <3

  • Rachana says:

    Expanded my horizons. Thanks a lot. I wish to refer to your work . My work is on “Raise Your vibes”, newly started. I would love to take some excerpts from this post, of course with your credit. 🙂 Stay happy , vibe high!

  • Michael says:

    Really enjoyed this post
    All my life I’ve struggled with emotions
    But youve helped to put it into perspective .. given me a sort of blueprint understanding of how
    Emotions are effected by low and high
    Vibrations .. and yes I’ve always blamed myself ..

    Thank you