Vibration Is Everything – Your How To Guide To Manifestation

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It has become one of those 'buzz' words.

You may have heard people talking about "The Secret" or "The Law Of Attraction." You may have heard the idea from Abraham Hicks, or from any other 'new age' spiritual teacher. Heck, you may have even heard your yoga teacher or your grandmother talking about manifesting.

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Today, I am going to make 'manifesting' make perfect sense. My hope is that you will walk away from this article with a deep understanding of what 'manifesting' really is, why it matters to you, and how to use the principal to create a life you desire for yourself.

To get you started, if you have not done so already, I suggest you read my last post on Vibration. It will get you up to speed with terms and the fundamentals of vibration that will help to make all of what I am going to share today make sense.

Just to re-cap so we are all on the same page:

  • You are energy - you have a vibration.
  • Your vibration is in constant communication with the universe.
  • What you put out is what you are getting back.
  • You are co-creating your reality along with all those around you.
  • You get to decide where you vibration is at, whether you allow it to be on your 'default' whatever that may be, or if you decide to alter it to different states.

What does all of this have to do with manifestation?

Everything 🙂

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The real truth about manifestation is this: You are always, always, always in a state of manifestation (unless you can get your conscious mind to a state where it is fully and completely still and your heart to a place where it is simply receiving. This is a pretty rare state for most people.) The trick here is that most people walk around totally un-aware that they are manifesting. They are also unaware of how the whole thing works, so when they look at their life it seems like a bunch of random occurrences, or like they are a victim to life, or like they just have really good luck - but all of it can be traced back to their current and past vibrational states and what those states were communicating to the universe.

I mentioned in my last post that one of the easiest ways to start to gage where your current vibrational state is at, is to tune into how you are feeling.

The reason that this is such a great tool is because it is your FEELINGS that are determining your vibration.

How you feel is exactly what you are currently attracting into your reality.

Thus, it is not your thoughts so much that are creating your reality like so many believe. It is not even your actions that are controlling what is happening to you - on all levels - it is your emotional state.

Here is a quick video from Greg Braden explaining this concept:

If you really liked that and want to hear more, then I highly suggest taking a listen to this one as well:

So you see that it is your feeling state - what you are experiencing in your heart that is telling the universe what it is you wish to experience.

Your heart is constantly sending your energy and vibration into the universe, and then receiving back those vibrations which match your particular frequency. This can also be referred to as an electromagnetic field, and it looks something like this:

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Your emotional state (what you are feeling in your heart)


Your vibrational frequency


What you are sending out into the universe and what you are receiving back from the universe.

The universe responds to that which you are, right now by sending you more of the same. Like attracts like.

If you would like to read more into the science of the electromagnetic field around your heart and what it is doing, check out The Institute Of Heart Math - they have been pioneering this work, and their discoveries are nothing short of amazing 🙂

This means if you are in a constant state of say, depression, the universe is going to continue to send you images, situations, and experiences that align with that particular vibrational frequency. You may notice that your depression seems to feed on itself - the more depressed you feel the more things you find in your reality to feel depressed about, which makes you feel more depressed and so on. This also means that your awareness is tuned to the vibration of depression, meaning you are going to be more likely to notice those things which depress you - you are a pattern seeking machine remember!

How To Manifest What You Desire:

Now that you understand that it is how you feel that determines how the universe is responding to you, you can use that knowledge and put it to use in your daily manifesting.

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As I said, you are in a CONSTANT state of manifestation. Information is going out and coming back in all the time.

The way you start to take some control over what you are manifesting is by taking an active roll in choosing how you feel.

Thats right.

You can choose how you wish to feel!

The easiest way to start with this is to begin your day in your desired feeling state. This is not the time to try to make yourself happy or joyful in a situation where you usually feel angry, victimized or depressed. Those are quantum leap feeling state changes that take some practice.

Simply set aside 5-10 minutes every morning after you wake up and before you do anything else to sit somewhere quiet.

Then remember a time when you were genuinely happy. Using a memory is perfect.


Think of what it would feel like to have something that you currently desire.

  • Imagine what it would be like to be in your ideal body.
  • Imagine what it would feel like to have all the money you could ever wish to have.
  • Imagine working your dream job.
  • Picture yourself on your dream vacation.
  • Think of all the people in your life that you love and cherish and who bring you joy.

Whatever it takes for you to get in the feeling state of joy, happiness, peace or bliss do that.

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Then, throughout your day check in with your emotional state. If you are feeling depressed, simply move yourself one or two steps up the vibrational scale - this may mean moving into anger or blame - and that is GOOD! Go with where you are, acknowledge how you feel, them move yourself up when you are ready to the next level. That is all it takes.

Now, for more specific manifesting, all you have to do is take this time to put yourself in the feeling state of having whatever it is you want.

Say you want to manifest a healthier, happier, more aligned body.

  1. Start by sitting and visualizing what your body in its ideal form would look like from the outside looking in. Paint the clearest picture you possibly can in your mind.
  2. Then, move yourself from looking at the body, to being inside the body. Look at it through your own eyes like you are looking in a mirror at it.
  3. Next, notice how your skin feels. Notice what sounds you are hearing. Notice your surroundings and where you are.
  4. Finally, feel what it feels like to move, to speak, to think inside this body. Create an entire sensory experience for yourself as though it is actually happening now.

This kind of feeling work will start to move your vibration to one that is in alignment with whatever it is you want. The more you do this, the more you will start to notice yourself behaving and thinking in a way that aligns with your desire coming into your life. It is this practice that is the true art of manifesting your desires into your life.

When Manifestation Gets Funky:

Where this can all get a little sticky is when it comes to unconscious beliefs.

If you were walking around fully aware of your feelings, and fully aware of what you believed about yourself and the world around you, then manifesting a really nice life for yourself would be pretty easy most of the time.

For most of us, we have some layers of core beliefs that need to be addressed.

A core belief is a belief that you carry about yourself or the world that colours the way you perceive everything. It also has a huge effects on your emotions, on your thought patterns and on your vibration.

For instance, someone who has a foundational belief that there is not enough supply in this world to meet their needs (a belief in scarcity) is going to have a continual underlying feeling if dis-ease around money and other resources. This uneasy feeling is going to be communicating to the universe that there is not enough, that this person is experiencing scarcity and this means that this person will continue to experience scarcity, because that is the only vibration that is a match to them.

If you are struggling in your manifesting, or if you are continually manifesting similar unpleasant situations there is a good chance that you have some core beliefs that are out of alignment with the truth of who you really are.

How do you find your core beliefs? There are a few tools you can use that will most likely help you:

Everything In This Post

Everything In Martha Beck's Book

All The Tools In The Perception Diet

The cool thing about this is, once you find your core beliefs that are out of alignment with your health, wealth and happiness, you are going to realize that they don't make any sense - and you will naturally let them go. Generally there does not need to be a whole bunch of processing or work that needs to be done, once your core beliefs are brought into the light. Its the getting them to the light part that is the work.

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The reason we hold onto these false beliefs for so long is generally because they are buried under years of subconscious patterning, life experiences and fears. Usually we are so a afraid of addressing our negative emotions that we do everything in our power to avoid looking at them - ie we eat, drink, party, smoke, fight, over exercise, watch t.v, engage in drama - essentially everything possible to divert our own attention from our negative emotions. Once you go there, you will heal. And once you heal, you will start to notice that the things you are attracting into your reality are far more pleasant. This is just the way it works 🙂

So there you have it. Your manifesting How-to guide.

What do you think? Does this all make sense? I would love to hear your thoughts!



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  • Derek says:

    I Love what you say here :

    “Usually we are so a afraid of addressing our negative emotions that we do everything in our power to avoid looking at them – ie we eat, drink, party, smoke, fight, over exercise, watch t.v, engage in drama – essentially everything possible to divert our own attention from our negative emotions.”

    That has been very true for me and I’m beginning to realise that since I’ve eliminated pretty well all those (except for eating 😉 ).

    I’ve come to the understanding that everything revolves around my attitude towards myself. I’m my biggest obstacle towards the happiness and satisfaction I want out of life.

    Great post Ali!

  • perceptiontrainers says:

    So true Derek! There is no better way to understand how something is affecting us then by removing it from our lives for a while!

    Self love is fully the key, as you have said – what you feel about yourself is what matters most and seems to have the greatest effect on our behaviour patterns, and what we allow into our experience. My next post will cover some tips to move towards self love in a really practical way – because the bottom line is you DESERVE what you want in your life!

    Sending lots of love your way 🙂

  • justin says:

    Good stuff. I was on the verge of figuring out how to control manifestation. …i was calling it Karma though which i knew wasnt quite right but is related or intertwined in there Somewhere. I definetley get my “karma” quicker than most and seeing ur article really helps me realize how much control we have on our lives good or bad. Forgiveness is something i beleive in but have trouble with it lately snd now it makes sense whats happening iny life now days. I need to learn how to stay focused on positive vibrations. Its super super easy going down that train of negative and that always makes for good times….yeah no. Anyway i like the way u think. It makes sense. Im gonna give it a whirl in my own way. Thanks….peace

  • perceptiontrainers says:

    <3 <3 <3 It is a practice for sure. <3

  • freak says:

    belbin assessment

  • Fenil Garuda says:

    That’s simple mean is that if you want to get perfect soulmate, you have to put your emotion like you have got perfect soulmate already. And if you want to be rich, your emotion should be like you are already rich

  • Ramesh says:

    Good post. In addition to the valuable things mentioned in this article, please include Gratitude in your daily life like your breath. You can find tremendous positive changes in your life. Gratitude brings more positive vibes inside you.

    Many Thanks for good post.

  • perceptiontrainers says:

    Totally! <3

  • Udana says:

    thanks so much… this is so useful especially about he way you had mentioned to maintain the emotional state.. that’s wonderful.

  • perceptiontrainers says:

    So happy it was useful for you lovely! <3

  • kim says:

    Very nice thanks ?

  • kim says:

    Im not sure which way mine happened, good things came in to make me feel happy or happiness bringing in good things, so yes a happy bunny either way ?

  • perceptiontrainers says:

    Yes! Either way <3

  • Yogesh Mask says:

    Really , Very Nice Artical Thank You.

  • Robert says:

    Can I just say… I have been looking into this for a while now after I lost the love of my life. I know that sounds Corney. But I litteraly use too dream about her in her exact form befor I met her. I prayed that I would find the one and that is who was presented too me.

    This is somthing I have found so hard too understand and obviously I am still learning. But the post you created really has changed my thoughts. Nobody ever talks about understanding where your emotions are currently at. Everyone just talks about how amazing the process is. But never truly explains inner emotions.

    I wish this artical never ended. I wish I knew you. Because I would still have alot of questions. But on the whole for the first time you made me understand my heart. And for that. I thankyou

  • perceptiontrainers says:

    I am so glad the post resonated for you friend <3 You are worthy of exactly where you are, and exactly how you feel <3