Wanna Wake The World Up? Here’s How

Hello Beauty!

Today I’m diving deep into what you can do to wake up the world.

What you can offer in the way of SUPPORT for everyone else to find their truth, to find THE truth, to walk their path.

We are going to do a deep dive into the seemingly paradoxical nature of your actual role here - where your greatest impact is, how you can figure out where you need to serve, how you can determine the difference between codependency and martyrdom and actual HELP - and where you need to step back and walk away.

This isn’t going to be EASY to hear for most of us. This conversation is going to include a lot of ‘hard’ truths that are deeply uncomfortable - but that’s ok.

Part of figuring out your role in the awakening of the planet is you doing your healing work so that you’re not working from wounding - confusing this for clarity and care.

You DO have an impact. You CAN make a difference - just most likely not in the areas and ways that you think.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Conspiracy theories posturing as spirituality. Bullshit spirituality. Corrupted systems. Massive division. Not knowing who to trust, what to believe. Believing that we HAVE THE ANSWERS and must convince the world. Chaos. Panic. Fear.

We are all wanting a ‘great awakening.’ But what does this mean and what is it really going to take to get one?

What do we make of all the theories? What do we do with our spirituality? Where is the harm being done and how can we protect ourselves and be a part of the solution, truly?

Let’s dive into together.