We Are GOING To Spiritually Bypass – Here’s Why:

Hello Love!

'Spiritual bypassing' has gotten a really bad rap over the last few years.

So many spiritual teachers are being 'called out' for their teachings that centre around getting OUT of the body, ego, personal identification - as being ways to AVOID the harsh realities of life rather than a way to 'transcend' them. Many are starting to see the holes in simplistic teachings like LOA, Abundance manifestation and 'ego death' work.

We are seeing that in order to TRULY heal, we have to let go of heaven. We have to get INTO our bodies. We have to EMBRACE our true selves, our egos, and figure out what we NEED in order to THRIVE. We are seeing that secure attachment rather than self detachment is ACTUALLY the path.

So we all feel justified in blaming and shaming the 'spiritual bypassing' teachers and teachings as being fake, fraudulent, intentionally harmful and deceitful.

Today I want to explore how this may not be the full picture. Why understanding WHY we spiritually bypass can be SO important for having compassion with OURSELVES (for when we INEVITABLY do it) and compassion for teachers and teachings that do it. So that we can see that it's all just trauma, and if we make room - no one is bad or evil, leading people astray on purpose - but rather are just working from what they know. And what they DON'T KNOW they DON'T know.

Let's dive into WHY we are all going to spiritually bypass sometimes, why teachers teach it, why students flock to it and how we can have compassion for this so that we can evolve along our own paths.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!



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