We Can’t “Manifest” If We Don’t Understand The CONTEXT Of Our Current Lives


Today we're going to continue our look into whether our influencers are actually selling us REAL tools, or if they're selling us the idea of 'magic' when in fact what got them to where they are was wealth and access.

If you haven't done so already, please read Part One here.

Now onto part two!


Is The Main Ingredient Magic?

From here, what’s even MORE important to pay attention to, is the products and programs designed around things that we may consider as ‘magic.’

When a large part of what’s being sold as the solution is ‘energetic’, based in mindsets, is centered around manifestation and getting into a certain ‘vibration’, requires that we have a belief in something super-natural/that which goes beyond our understanding of how life physically works, requires that we believe that the tools and answers came from some source beyond our human minds or is selling us that the ‘secret’ we are missing is in us tapping into something that goes beyond the physical realms - we have to take a step back and be really conscious of what’s being sold, how it’s being sold, how it’s claimed to work and we have to question what may ACTUALLY be going on as an alternative explanation for results attained.

We have to be aware that people are going to come up with reasons for their success that make them look and feel the MOST special and empowered - and sometimes this means ignoring all the ways in which we were helped, supported and given a boost that others aren’t and attributing our results to being special/aligning/doing magic. This is a big problem in our world right now, and it’s costing people a lot of time, energy and money.

Being someone who’s been in the health/wellness/spirituality business for a few decades, I can tell you with sincerity that most of what’s out there right now isn’t new, different, magical or otherwise coming from some just-tapped-into secret source. I can tell you that most of what’s being sold today as the secrets to health, happiness and abundance are the same secrets that have been sold in alternative communities for almost as long as people have existed. I can also tell you that MOST of it is poppycock. Most of it is wishful thinking for those who don’t have access and privilege, and it’s ignorance of all the ways SOCIETY and PEOPLE are helping those who are in positions of wealth and power.

The reason that most of what we’re seeing today SEEMS new, seems sparkly and different and seems like it MUST be some special secret we’re just discovering - is because most of us don’t look into the origins of what we’re being sold. We don’t question if what’s being sold to us was actually discovered/invented by the person selling it or if they’ve taken a tradition or old technique and simply put a new spin on it so that it seems updated and relevant to today's problems. 

We’re not all history buffs especially when it comes to healing/transcendence tools because it’s SO easy to take what was old, give it new language to match our current ligo and specific pain points and wham - it looks like we have a whole new idea/technology. 

Other times it’s the fact that someone is selling their tools or techniques as being ‘traditional’ and from a ‘root source’ that makes us susceptible to belief without adequate proof. 

We all have the tendency to look to what’s being sold as the ‘solution’ to the problems that perfectly match the cultural moment and to see these tools as novel concepts because they aren’t being marketed in the ways they were 10, 20 or 30 years ago when our struggles and understanding of life were slightly different. We all have the tendency to have a bias towards seeming ‘authority’ and the idea that if something is OLD it must therefore have some inherent value - otherwise why would it have stuck around so long?

We’re also vulnerable to the influencer market and all the tools therein because in a lot of ways there is still SO much that we struggle with as a human race that we either don’t have the answers to, or that are a result of big, structural issues that we can’t actually solve. We’re all, to some degree, experiencing pain that we don’t know how to solve in a REAL way, and that the conventional wisdom of our culture doesn’t have answers for. We have health conditions that modern medicine can’t treat or we simply don’t have access to what would ACTUALLY heal us like fresh food, time to rest, lower stress and movement. We have money problems that come from a system that is inherently unfair, where we may not have any kind of safety-net that would allow us to change our lives in ways that would help us get ahead.. We have relationship issues that stem from long lines of familial patterns that keep us locked in painful patterns that feel normal and ‘right’ to us and that block us from seeing better ways of relating and communicating, and we don’t have access to communities of people with healthier habits and mindsets.  

We’ve all been conditioned to one degree or another to believe that life is a result of our personal choices, and that if we’re struggling, hurting, suffering or otherwise not living the lives we WANT to be living - that this is ALWAYS a sign of a personal or moral failing on our part - because we aren’t taught to look at systems and how they play into the experiences we may or may not be having. 

We’re all trained from the very beginning of our lives that it is our behavior that dictates whether or not those around us help us meet our needs - and nowhere is this mindset that if we’re struggling it’s because of US and therefor it’s within our power to create the change we want via changing ourselves/our habits than in the self help/spirituality world. 

With this, we MISS all the structural stuff. We MISS the context of our own lives, what challenges we’re actually up against, what privileges we have access to and all the ways in which we’re being helped and hindered by reality and society itself because EVERYTHING is being boiled down to PERSONAL CHOICE.

So when the influencer who has rich parents, got an education, has a relatively able body and was able to ‘fail’ multiple times before they reached success without destroying their lives in the process, tells someone who doesn’t have anyone to bankroll their dreams, who didn’t get to go to school, who maybe doesn’t have a conventionally acceptable ‘look’ that they can create their own business with these three easy ‘alignment’ or even business strategy tools - we have to understand that the RESULTS are going to be MUCH different for the second individual than they were for the first. Even if the second individual follows the magical or strategic protocol PERFECTLY - the chances that they will get the same results as the first person are slim to none.

Because of the CONTEXT in which the tools are being applied.

Generally the first person won’t see all the ways that they’ve been helped that others aren’t being helped. They won’t really GET that their life experience isn’t the universal one. They will look out and wonder why others aren’t doing the ‘hard work’ to get success the way they did, and they will assume that everyone's LACK of success IS their lack of doing what they perceive THEY did to get what THEY got. When in reality, they simply had many boosts and legs up that others don’t have.

Even if we can see that someone didn’t have back-up money or investors - we can still see that having a baseline education, a relatively able body, being born into a position in society where you’re going to be respected or taken seriously, where you didn’t have massive trauma or grow up around people who couldn’t care for you - is setting you ahead leaps and bounds for those who didn’t have these things.

Context matters.

Not everything comes down to personal choice and will - and when we’re using ‘magic’ to explain why we are where we are, we can almost ALWAYS assume that what’s happening is the CONTEXT of our lives is being missed and our success is being attributed to something that doesn’t exist, because we’re missing what does.

The System ISN’T Fair - And Neither Is Life

To believe that everything is a personal choice certainly has its benefits - as when we can identify where we truly ARE the cause of our own suffering/have the power to change in a way that will make things better for us we are then able to make said changes and then have a better life! But it also has its disadvantages when it convinces us to continue to look within for the answers that can only actually be found without.

We are all working within a system where there really IS corruption, manipulation of the people, lack of access and resources that gives us a good reason to look at our current institutions and the conventional wisdom of the societies we live in - which makes us want to look for alternative sources of support, answers and help.

We are all working within a system that is inherently imbalanced and causes a lot of pain and suffering for certain groups of people. We live in a world of prejudice and discrimination, as well as generational lines of exploitation and lack of access which again has caused many of us to be in situations of pain that we’re then taught to believe are our fault. We have large portions of the population who don’t have access to safety-nets or the opportunities required to ‘work themselves out’ of a shitty situation - and again this is covered up as being the fault of the person suffering.

We’re all vulnerable to dramatic promises of transcendence of the human condition and the struggles therein, because we live in a world where we don’t have perfect awareness, where we don’t have perfect control, where pain and suffering are both inevitable to a certain degree and where we don’t have the answers to life’s big questions. We are all working with a human consciousness that is aware that we can and likely will suffer, that is somewhat aware of how little control we actually have over our lives on a grand scale, that is aware that we’re going to die - and that doesn’t have a ‘solution’ to any of this. Thus there are always going to be parts of us that deeply WANT to believe in grand promises and miracle healing/techniques that help rescue us from this pain - even when a little logic or looking below the surface even one or two layers will easily reveal the lack of credibility of whatever’s being sold. We’re always going to want to believe in magic and transcendence because we don’t want to be in pain!

We’re all vulnerable to our own perceptions and experiences - meaning we all project ourselves out onto those around us in ways that blind us to the very real and very important differences between us. This works both ways in influencer marketing - this means that the influencer is often blind to the context of their own experience, and thus are blind to why what they did may have worked for them and are blind to the other factors that may have contributed to them achieving what they’ve achieved that have nothing to do with the tools they are crediting for their success. This also means that WE as consumers are going to project ourselves onto the influencers, we’re going to see ourselves in them even when they have a life that is totally unrecognizable to our own - because there will always be something we can point to as ‘see, they’re just like me and therefore their tool will work for me just like it did for them’ even when that’s not accurate to reality. Influencer marketing is always going to use this human trait to their advantage - the most successful ones know how to make themselves appear relatable and down to earth in just the right ways to fool those they want money from into believing that they are ‘just like them’. Influencers often present themselves as the ‘relatably transcended’ version of ourselves that we all aspire to be - not perfect because we couldn’t see ourselves in that, but rather juuusssstt perfect enough that we want to emulate them via doing what they say they’re doing. 

We’re going to want to believe that we can have the results of the people who are promising us the solutions to our problems. We want to believe all we have to do is follow whatever they’re saying they did to get them, because we want to believe that life is that simple - and we’re being TOLD that life is that simple! We want to believe that there’s a formula for success that, once understood, will and can work for everyone. We want to believe that these people who aren’t part of the corrupt structures that we can identify as being unhelpful or antagonistic are the true ‘good guys’ - here to rescue us from the evil that’s keeping us down. 

Finally, there’s so much about the human experience that goes unseen. It goes unseen by us the experiencer and it goes unseen by society at large and people who look at us. We’re all living in systems that are just the ‘water we’re swimming in’ - where we don’t see what’s REALLY going on, and thus, there’s LOTS of room for us to make up stories and reasons for why things are the way they are/happen the way they happen that have nothing to do with real reality. 

With all of this, we have to understand that most influencers and people who are selling their own personal experience as the credential for their product or service working, are working from all the above flaws in perception. They’re seeing their experiences as the universal one, they’re projecting themselves and what they were capable of onto others, they’re projecting their lack of understanding of their place in society and all that went into their personal experience out on to everyone else AND they’re going to be blind to what they’re blind to. They aren’t going to be seeing YOU and what’s going on with YOU - they are seeing THEMSELVES and they are NOT seeing 


Have a think about this, and I'll see you next week for part three!


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  • Lesa Spravka says:

    Hi Aliyah, (sigh) This is so relieving to hear and yet not easy to give up the fantasy that there is a way that’s sure fire. I’ve followed you for years and you regularly bring me down to earth with so much sense. I would join your community for the very reasonable price but currently I don’t even have that. I was just thinking about what you’re saying as I hopped on a ‘free’ three week ‘build your business’ online thing. I knew I wasn’t hot on these guys but I thought I could pick up a few pointers. And I did. But boy did I see them acting like they were just like us only better…because of…fill in the blank…and we could be as rich as them for only this amount of money..etc. And one guy’s story particularly stood out as he was bullied in his childhood, he used to think this way, and all he did was this and that and now he’s a millionaire. I was like who paid for your law school you speak of deciding that wasn’t for you? And how were you able to start that restaurant that you also decided was not for you? All the while those of us without those resources are now blaming ourselves for our situation. Yuk. And gross. Thanks for letting me chat with you vent about this and get my head on straight that I’m not a failure.

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Hey Lesa! Oh goodness, yes I can imagine that experience must have been not a very fun one! And it is SO common in the ‘coaching’ world – people just having little to no awareness of the ways in which they have been supported and how much that’s helped them! Which again, share your story that’s awesome! But remember that to think that what happened to you applies to everyone isn’t reality!

      You are 100% right – you are not a failure. By any stretch of the imagination. You are doing your best with YOUR circumstances – and that is always the only thing we CAN do. Keep loving you, keep supporting you, keep validating that you are doing your best, and then just taking the steps that YOU can take. You are never, ever a failure <3

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