What Are We Really Protecting Ourselves From?

Are we afraid of the process of LIFE?

The ups, downs, uncertainties and challenges that call us into the unknown, so that we can grow and expand?

Are we trying to protect our survival or are we shielding to try to 'save' ourselves from ever being in a state of the unknown?

Are we running from the realities that we are all connected in ways we may not want to acknowledge?

Are we running from the reality that the way we are living is making it impossible for many to have a quality of life at all?

Looking to fight an 'other' unable to recognize that there is no other - only ourselves as a collective choosing to dissociate from one another based on the flesh that contains that which views.

Are we looking for an authority to soothe us, like we did as children? Still unaware of our capacities to learn from our own experience rather than having to be told or protected? So numbed to our senses that we can't tell life generating from life degrading? So disconnected from the journey of learning from and through experience that we won't take the steps ourselves anymore? So shell-shocked from heartbreak that we must keep the world at arms length? So entrenched in the mechanical view of the reality we live in that we can no longer see, feel, touch or sense the LIFE within it all? The connection that can't be broken? That we are at once a piece ever connected to the whole?

Are we looking for answers from those who can't give them, and ignoring the answers that CAN be provided? Allowing for expertise to inform us, and allowing ourselves to explore at the same time?

Can we not see that there is no failure?

No need for shame or guilt?

No reason we must hate, hide and run from ourselves or the darkness of letting go of what we knew?

That there is only light to discover and truth to know through feeling, feeling, feeling.

Can we not trust ourselves to expand in the face of that which we don't understand to see the bigger picture, instead of closing down and trying to simplify.

To find the enemy to fight?

Can we not see that it is US we are at war with?


Our bodies?


Our own questions that are calling us?

Our own purpose that unfolds through doing and learning - not through reading or instruction?

Our own knowing that things, money, status, power will never satisfy because what we want is to know ourselves - but the rejection we have faced is causing us to hate what lies within?

Can we not hold that whatever we are rejecting in this world is a war we are fighting from the inside out, not the other way around? That so long as we fear our bodies, minds, emotions and desires we will cease to understand ourselves and only be left with our inner demons appearing as the world we walk around in? Can we not embrace that the old paradigm that got us here - that there is peace in security and control, that being governed is peace, that we have no power to know because we can't ever err - isn't the path forward?

Is it pain that we fear? Rejection? Loneliness? Having to face that things will never lead to the security we seek?

Have we been trying to isolate for fear of pain, perceived failure, and not knowing?

Are we so afraid of our own bodies that we feel alien within them? Needing someone to tell us what to do with them? So dissociated from our own selves that we look to gurus and guides to tell us our purpose?

Our bodies are giving out due to the accumulation of all this trauma. Our hearts are bleeding from the boxes. Our minds are numbed from the lack of quest. Our spirits are dampened with control and order from without - that is oftentimes chaos in disguise. We haven't found our sovereignty because we won't give ourselves the chance to try - because we aren't seeing that our freedom comes WITHIN the context of community, not in fighting our connection to the whole. We haven't found our sovereignty because we refuse to accept the fact that we are a community.

We are trying to find meaning without connecting to one another and without connecting to our humanity - and this simply can't be done.

We are hungry ghosts for meaning, because we are trained to distance ourselves from empathy - for the people, animals, creatures and land that surrounds and is a part of us.

More separation, compartmentalization, control and restriction are not the long term solution to what terrifies us. 'They' are not the answer.

You are. You have it within you. You are your own source of perception that tunes you to reality itself - that helps you recognize good advice when you hear it, and helps you discern the lost who lead from the leaders who have experience to share.

You must challenge the stories that block your sight. The ones of your not enoughness. The ones that lie to you about what is and isn't valuable about you. The ones that tell you not to try because you may get hurt. Because dear soul, you're going to get hurt. And it's ok. You will learn if you let go of the shame that tells you that pain means you are now disconnected from the love you seek.

Awakening isn't about a million practices, the magic words, the perfect posture, the right teacher. It's about connecting to reality itself. Through your senses. You can't be numb and shut down and wake up.

You must be real.


Experiencing. Opening. Embodied. It doesn't happen on a trip or in a stress state of starvation or withholding. It happens in the moments we are willing to connect.

Separation is not the key to our freedom.

Hierarchy isn't it either.

Status won't protect you.

Wealth won't stir your soul.

Embrace the quest. The unknowing. The feeling. Your body. Your desires you have no idea how to create. The expression. The community you wish to mingle with. This nature. It's all there. If you're willing to see you can't be blinded. You will find your power where it's always been. And you will work to create the world we all deserve by first turning in and getting right with you. The you you will never not be.

Stop rejecting yourself. Open to your pain as a messenger. It will show you the how's and why's. I promise.

Let go of the old that says you can't know and aren't safe. The old paradigm of security, status and stuff.

You want you. I swear it's true. You're the answer that begins the adventure that will pull you and bring you to your knees and be the ride that takes you to your death ready to go - because you did it. You will change the status through changing your own status. The structures by living in your newly found way. All of us together and we have a new world. Each one doing it for themselves is the collective path.

Live so that you don't have to fear death knowing you didn't live.

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