What Does It Mean To Be A LIGHT WORKER?

Hello Love!

What does it mean to be spiritual?

Is it knowing what happens after death?

Is it transcending the human condition of separation and living in ‘unity’ consciousness at all times?

Is it being able to levitate? Communicate with higher beings? The capacity to fast for days on end?

Is it the ability to be happy and positive all the time? Never being sad, lonely, depressed or confused?

In todays video, I am going to explore all of this. I am going to explore the TWO FUNDAMENTAL traumas that humanity has been dealing with for all of humanity - the awareness of morality and the awareness of separation, and the ways in which true spirituality helps us to NAVIGATE these two traumas without doing into the one MISUNDERSTANDING of humanity which is that of NOT ENOUGH.

THIS is the true spiritual path - how do we LIVE with these TWO QUESTIONS we can’t answer?

I hope this exploration serves you.



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