What ‘Everything Is Exactly How It Should Be” Really Means

Hi Beautiful 🙂

Everything is EXACTLY how it SHOULD be.

This is a true statement.

What does this bring up for you?

Do you look out at the world and see all the pain, turmoil, struggle, injustice and horrendous circumstances and think ‘NO this is NOT how life SHOULD BE.’ Do you look at your OWN life, your own pain, struggle and lack and think “NO this is NOT how life SHOULD be!!”?

Do you sit on the other side of the fence and think ‘if everything is as it should be, that means I have no power to change anything. That means I need to learn to just ACCEPT what is, fully, and THAT is the answer to peace and happiness?’

The reality is - BOTH of these perspectives contain SOME truth - but only a half truth.

When we put them together, with a base understanding for how our universe works - we will find that the idea ‘everything is happening exactly how it should be’ takes on a WHOLE new meaning.

There is power in this. There is a degree of needing to surrender AND a chance to change ANYTHING we don’t prefer.

Let’s lean in and see what we can find.



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