What If You Don’t FEEL Like GROWING?!

Hello Friends!

There is a massive push in our world to be constantly ‘improving’

This message that we should be ‘getting our lives.’

Always learning something. Always having an adventure. Always having something to report to our friends, families and social media.

And wit this, many of us tend to feel like we are failing when we really don’t WANT to grow.

We go to self help retreats, read books, watch ‘inspiring’ content - trying to get ourselves to BE BETTER - all the while feeling like the person we are right now simply ISN’T good enough - but at the same time like growth is really hard.

There is this notion that growth is a CHALLENGE and that we have to be CONSTANTLY ON TOP OF OURSELVES lest we succumb to our lower nature, becoming lazy, unmotivated slobs who never accomplish anything. There is an underlying idea that humans are NATURALLY slothful and in need of pushing in order to become anything. That those who are kind to themselves are just letting themselves off the hook.

The accomplishments are never enough. The growth is hard and we have to push ourselves. WE don’t want to, but we don’t NOT want to.

Today I want to talk about why growth is actually NATURAL and DESIRABLE when we have ONE KEY INGREDIENT in our lives.

Without it, we can push as hard as we want, and we will always feel inadequate. With it, we won’t have to ‘push’ ourselves at all.

Growth is natural. Under natural conditions.

Let’s explore this together so you can start growing and stop pushing.