What It Really Means To Live A ‘Positive’ Life

What does having a ‘positive attitude’ in life mean to you?

Have you been taken in by the spiritual world that has told you it is ESSENTIAL to ALWAYS be ‘positively focused’, lest you end up ‘manifesting’ negative things in your life? Have you been told that in order to have a good life, you must be constantly looking for the blessing, the lesson and the GOODNESS in whatever you are facing?

Do you find yourself struggling to ‘stay positive’ all the time? Do you ever wonder if perhaps all the ‘love and light’ stuff is really just a form of spiritual bypassing - a way of ignoring the things we don’t want to see in life that ARE dark and heavy?

And what about negative emotions? Are we supposed to be feeling them? Are we supposed to allow them to exist or should we be working to get rid of those as well? Is there a place for negative feelings and emotions, negative thoughts and outlooks in a GENERALLY positive life?

Today I want to dive deep into what it REALLY means to have a ‘positive’ perspective in life, and how having one can DEEPLY transform your entire existence.

This isn’t about sugar coating life, this isn’t about slapping a fake happy emotion onto whatever you are actually facing.

This is about TRUE positivity. TRUE growth. TRUE embracing of ALL of what it means to be human - the good, the bad and the ugly - in a way that serves growth and expansion.

Living a positive life is something altogether different than pretending to be happy or grateful. It is much bigger and broader than ‘looking for the blessing’ in everything. It’s an entire perception shift that will enable you to walk through your life in a totally empowered way.

Let’s dive in.