What To Do If You Feel Behind In Life

By June 9, 2017Videos

Hi Beauty!

Do you ever have the sense that you are not where you ‘should’ be by now in your life?

Like you should be more successful?

Like you should have met and married or committed to someone by now?

Like you should have a house or a car or kids?

Maybe you don’t have such specific ‘goals’ you feel you have not yet reached, but still have a lingering feeling that where you are is wrong.

That you have not lived up to your potential.

This can be something that you feel when you are 18, all the way to 70 - this feeling that life has passed you by and that you have made the wrong choices and are now paying the price. Like you missed something, like you are lacking.

We see this in people in their 20’s and 30’s feeling like they are not living up to societal expectations. We see this in mid life crisis’ where people feel like they did life wrong and are not fulfilled. We see this in those who are in retirement lamenting and regretting their life lived till now. This feeling of not being fulfilled is universal.

Today, I want to help you unpack this for yourself, so that you can clearly see where this idea is actually coming from, and what YOU can do about it.

This feeling of being behind is a call. It is a good thing. You need it.

Let it pull you where you need to explore.