What To Do When You Feel Like You Don’t Have A Passion – Or Don’t Know What Your Passion Is

By July 7, 2017Videos

Hi Love!

Now a days there is a LOT of talk about finding your passion and following your bliss.

Perhaps you are one out there who has adopted the idea that a passion should be really obvious and prolific.

Maybe you believe that we should all have this overarching purpose and mission in our lives, that we should deeply feel this ‘call’ to do something, and an expectation that this call should also be our means of financially supporting ourselves.

But what if you don’t feel like you have this kind of passion?

What if you are feeling so exhausted from your life, from all the practical things you have to do, from all the expectations of ‘adult’ life, that a passion seems almost like a pipe dream at this point?

What if you have no connection to this ‘bliss’ feeling - or if you do, it is fleeting, passing and doesn’t really seem to be ‘attached’ to any one thing in specific?

What if you have something you think you may be passionate about - but you cannot think of any way that it could possibly make you enough money to survive - should you still pursue it? Is that really a passion, or just a pass time? If you cannot make a living from it, and still have to have another job, is there really a point?

What do you do if you have no idea what your passion is, or if you even have one?

Could it be that there are some people out there who are just meant to work their mundane jobs they don’t really enjoy, make money, pay the bills and the hope for some fun in retirement?

If you have thought any of the above thoughts, todays video is just for you. If you are feeling listless, passionless, purposeless and like living a purpose filled life seems like a distant dream that you can’t even properly conceptualize, I hope yo bring you some comfort today.

Let’s take the pressure off finding your passion, so you can relax enough to find it 😉