What True Self Love Really Means – VIDEO POST!

Hello Love Beam.

There is one ‘rule’ within the self love path and one rule only - anything and everything that exists exists for a reason and simply needs love.

Nothing is outside of Divinity, all things are simply calling for evolution and expansion.

There is nothing that needs to be gotten rid of, fixed, changed, or altered at it’s core in order to become Divine - everything just needs the light of understanding to become it’s Divine expression.

You are not an exception to the Self Love rule.

There is no part of you that is an exception to the rule that ALL things simply need love.

Your worst behaviour, your self sabotage, your negative thoughts, your negative emotions - anything and everything you think is holding you back from being your highest self is actually God.

There is no exception.

In this video I am going to explain why self love is the truest path to peace.

Why all suffering begins with rejection, and why the true intention of the self improvement path is really innocent.

We are going to see why we are all so desperate to improve ourselves, why we all have those pieces of self that we REFUSE to love and why this must be evolved in order for mind kind to find peace.

Self improvement is not wrong, it has it’s roots in truth, as does all things.

Self improvement just needs an evolution.

You are ready.