When Self Love Leads To LOSS

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There's a LOT of talk in the self love/spirituality world about 'discovering your true self.'

About doing your shadow work, your inner work, your whatever 'work' - and having that lead to a massive revelation about who you really are, what you really want, what you want to become, what you want to create - and this is all totally legitimate and real.

But what rarely gets talked about is the flip side of the coin.
When you follow your self love work through to finding that many of the things you thought you wanted were actually based on conditioning, not your truth.

When you realize that the reason you were sabotaging yourself over and over on the way to certain goals is because deep down, you don't really WANT what you've been trained and expected to want your whole life.

When you realize that the person you've been fighting so hard to become through all your 'self help' work ISN'T who you are.

And in the wake of this realizing that you're never going to be what those around you wanted you to be. You're never going to get the love and approval you've been hoping you would get when you finally 'became.'
Realizing that you are going to have to love the version of you that actually exists - that wants what you want - even though this means letting go of ever getting the love you feel you need.
Today, let's talk about the destructive side of self love - how to handle realizing you aren't who you thought you were, you aren't ever going to live up to expectation, you're never going to become the lovable version of you you thought you had to be - so that you don't end up compromising on your path in order to avoid this pain.

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