Where The Ego Paradigm Is Serving Us And How To Use It:

Hello Dove!

Last week, I talked about why trying to ‘get rid of your Ego’ isn’t actually the best idea when we are seeking to feel better in this life.

You can check out that video here

I shared why trying to get rid of parts of ourselves that we deem bad, wrong, broken or otherwise the ‘reason’ we are suffering, is simply keeping us trapped in a never ending cycle of self abuse.

Now, all that being said, on the flip side, there ARE some things from the old ‘ego’ paradigm that ARE helpful, that when INTEGRATED and EVOLVED - can be used on our path to real truth.

Remember, in this life we never ‘get rid of’ anything. Rather we take what is truth, and EVOLVE what is there.

So let’s keep looking at this Ego paradigm, what’s good and how we can evolve it to serve us on our path to awakening.