Who Do You Want To BECOME V.S What Do You Want To ‘Manifest’

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So many spiritual/wellness/personal growth teachers talk about 'manifestation.'

About how you can and should be creating your 'ideal self/life' through every means possible from visualization, positivity frenzies, investing in products and services to just plain ol 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps and work for it!' rhetoric. Which they will sell you for $44.44.

There's a LOT of talk about how we are all capable of creating these big DREAM lives - and how doing so is as simple as...fill in the blank with their offer.

Today I want to talk about REAL manifestation. I want to talk about what it REALLY means to live up to YOUR potential, what is actually required for you to do so (and no, it's not reality denial or believing that we can all work hard enough to create ANYTHING we want). I want to talk about the harm being done in the idealized 'you create your own reality/can manifest wealth/abundance/influence' world and how we can evolve PAST this to find TRUE power.

YES - we do create things. YES we have desires for a reason. But there is a much deeper picture that most of us miss.

Manifesting is not all about just getting what you want. It's not about pleasure all the time. It's not about massive abundance. TRUE manifestation that will ACTUALLY bring you satisfaction will have very little to do with the actual THING you are going for - when you REALLY get onto what humans want and need.

True manifestation is actually not capitalism dressed up as purpose, meaning, passion or validation. Truly becoming yourself isn't a glamours thing. It's not going to get you likes and follows most likely. It's breaking OUT of the matrix, and that's HARD, scary and  requires a TOTALLY different mindset than the one most people have.

The core pillars of manifestation as described in this chat are:

Who am I becoming?
Am I ready to have what I want?
How is this the path?
What am I LEARNING here that will help me better move forward?

When things don't go how we thought they would - what am I LEARNING, how was I WRONG, what do I need to UNDERSTAND to keep moving forward?

How can I learn here instead of trying to prove myself right?

How is failure helping me?

There is a way - if mine were wrong, what am I not seeing?

Do I REALLY want this - or is there something I think this will GIVE ME that is what I REALLY desire?

How willing am I to take a STEP without knowing the path?
How willing am I to not know who/what I am? To Not be 'there' anymore but not over there yet?

There are truths here mixed in with falsehoods. Let's sort it out so you can become that 'true manifestor' that you are capable of becoming.



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