Why Agitation Is One Of My Favorite ‘Negative’ Emotions

By September 8, 2017Videos


The feeling of dis-ease or dis-comfort that starts in your belly, rises into your chest, makes it way into your shoulders and up over your head.

That antsy, angsty, nagging tingling pressure that makes you feel like you need to get up and run and burry yourself in a hole all at once.

That feeling that ‘something’ isn’t right - without having any idea what exactly is bothering you.

That sense that drives you to think ‘maybe I need to move? Get rid of everything I own? Buy a whole new wardrobe? Quit my job? Get a new partner? Move all the furniture? Tweak my diet? Change my exercise? Listen to music? Turn off all the sounds? Go for a walk? Move to the country?’ - All within the span of 5 seconds.

That feeling that keeps you from sitting in mediation or doing anything calming or reflective.

Yeah. That agitation.

Today I want to explore with you why this particular cluster of emotions has become one of my favorite ‘negative’ emotion experiences, and how I have used it to create some awesome changes in my life.

Agitation is harnessable - you just have to be willing to hang with it.

Tune in and see what it may have for you.