Why Becoming Your Own Safe Place Takes SO Long To Feel REAL

Hello Love!
If you've been on a self love path for a while, you will be familiar with the concept of 'becoming your own safe place.'
You'll know that a BIG part of this work is learning how to generate an INTERNAL feeling of SAFETY with yourself, so that you can actually discover, learn and grow in this life. You will have heard that the real 'secret' to figuring out what kind of life you want to live, what 'works' for you, why you scapegoat, numb and self sabotage, why you feel negative emotions you don't know how to process and so on ALL boils down to first creating an inner sense of being LOVED by yourself no matter what.
You may have a totally sound intellectual understanding of why creating this state of inner love and inner acceptance is important. You may be doing the work, showing up for yourself every day, telling yourself you love you, asking yourself what you need instead of asking what's wrong with you, slowly turning to more curiosity vs. self blame - and yet, you still don't feel any more 'safe' with yourself.
You may be noticing that you are saying all these lovely things to yourself, but still when you feel you've been rejected, misunderstood or abandoned by someone - your heart sinks and you go into panic mode no matter what you say to yourself. You may still feel like you're strapped in struggles, pain and life problems you don't know how to solve - and telling yourself that you will 'be there for you' doesn't make a difference in the fear you feel.
You may be wondering if you're 'doing it wrong' - since all this work of showing up for you doesn't seem to be baring any fruit. In fact you may be trying and finding that the more you attempt to be there for yourself, the more AWARE you become of how deeply you feel VOID, EMPTY and ALONE when you go inside. This work may be simply making you feel even LESS connected and MORE isolated because this attempt to be on your own side only makes you feel like if you are the one who has to be there for you, then you have nothing - because it doesn't feel like anything to be there for yourself.

If this is you, please watch todays video. I'm going to explain why we have such a lack of connection to ourselves and reality, why this means that we don't feel empowered inside, and why this process can take a lot longer than we think it 'should.'

You're not doing anything wrong. This is just a big thing.