Why Embodiment And Feeling Are KEY To A New World

Hello Love!

Here’s the deal - we all have trauma.

Trauma that is blocking us from seeing our true selves, from expressing our true selves, from living in alignment with reality, from seeing what is of value and what isn’t and os on.

And we all know that part of processing our traumas, part of ‘waking up’, part of learning who and what we are and being able to live as that person requires that we mentally process what we went through - sorting fact from fiction.

But did you know that if you don’t also take the time to PHYSICALLY process what you went through - your nervous system is going to stay wired for your trauma?

Meaning no matter how much you understand about yourself and reality mentally, you won’t be able to LIVE in alignment with that awareness if it contradicts your conditioning.

In order to TRULY ‘transcend/integrate’ our traumas so we can LIVE as our true selves, we need to process through our BODIES.

And when you do, you are likely to find that a LOT OF THINGS don’t feel good. A lot of what is NORMAL feels terrible, and a lot of what is seen as bad/wrong/out of alignment feels AWESOME. When we start to sort through the conditioning with the actual FEELINGS in our bodies - we are going to find that a lot of what we have been told is right feels wrong and what we think is wrong feels right.

This is the path of reconnecting with our humanity. This is the path of healing. Embodiment and then following those body cues.

Let’s dive deep into this today so we can get clarity on what physical processing is, how it works, why it works and why healing without it is basically impossible.



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  • Mary Anne Hoffman says:

    Dear Aliyah, Yes this…..that’s my words for Amen☺️. I listened to your words, loved seeing you….and heard what you said. I am a mother who has lost a BelovedSon…..adult son…..the loss of Chris, October 3, 2018 has been the single most defining circumstance in my adult life. I am working on all of the things you talked about in the last minutes of this wonderful video. I love most your discussion of what it means to be human….humane💗. Do you believe in hope? I am wondering about what that word means to you? Is reality the isness that supports us…..is reality our hope…..our faith? Wondering what these words mean to you? I do believe in the reality of Love…..Love is all there “really” is to me…..misguided as, in my mind, as it has proven to be personally.
    So I endeavor to accept the reality….or the “ isness“ as Meister Eckhart says when defining God. The mystics and sages of all faiths are also my guides…..Thank YOU dear Mystic…..do you think of yourself that way? Much Love and big hugs I send to You💗. Mary Anne

    • perceptiontrainers says:

      Hello Beautiful friend.

      Thank you again for your words here. I too believe in LOVE and of course HOPE that things can and do get ‘better’ with time. But I also just really want to validate ANY part of you that DOESN’T accept the death of your son. That wants a reason why – something to make sense of the chaos and the deep pain caused by that chaos. I want to validate any part of you that doesn’t feel that this circumstance is at all loving. Reality can be very, very harsh and I don’t think it’s any good to deny our real humanity and the pain we experience in this life. You are worthy and valid in ALL of you – the parts of you that can accept, that can feel love, that can sense hope AND the parts that can’t/don’t right now. You are worthy of your whole process. There’s nothing wrong with you. The main thing I want to share with you is just that you aren’t alone. I feel you. I see you. I am carrying you in my heart. This is massive. Be gentle on you. This is a tragedy and you are going to phase through many different feelings and phases over time and within a day or an hour. I believe in hope and in having love for any parts of self that don’t have hope right now. We can have both and that’s ok. I am here with you. I have hope for you. <3

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